How on Mac to use two clipboards instead of one

Clipboard – one of the most frequently used chips on any computer.

Almost any user can blindly press the keyboard shortcuts Command + C to copy and Command + V to paste.

Not everyone knows that macOS has a second independent clipboard.

How to use the second clipboard

How on Mac to use two clipboards instead of one

It should be noted that the alternative clipboard has some limitations:

First , the data in it is not copied, and cut, erasing the original.

Secondly , it is possible to place data in it only where there is a possibility to edit the text. For example, the notes will work, but the selected text from the browser will not.

Thirdly , this buffer works exclusively with text. Photos and files in it can not be placed.

Fourth, this clipboard is not shared, data from it does not migrate to iPhone, iPad or Mac via iCloud, as from a regular buffer.

To copy something in the second buffer, use the keyboard shortcut the Control + the K , and to extract from the buffer – the Control + the Y .

The data between the buffers is completely independent and does not overwrite each other.


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