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“The film was made masterfully”: Vladimir Medinsky appreciated the Chernobyl mini-series

The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation looked at three series and said that the HBO show was filmed “with respect to ordinary people and their exploits”.

Vladimir Medinsky admitted that he expected to see the “cranberries” associated with the image of the communist system, and also thought that the series would turn out rather unsuccessful – but his fears were not confirmed.

The film is made masterfully. But the expected “red cranberries” are not there. In general, the film is made with great respect to ordinary people. We thought it would be worse.

Vladimir Medinsky Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

In an interview for Ekho Moskvy, Vladimir Medinsky also said that he watched Chernobyl with his father, who was one of the liquidators of the accident in 1986, and praised the mini-series for authenticity. The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation at the same time clarified that many of the things shown in the show are “frank distortions”.

I just watched with my father, who had been there since May 1, he is a liquidator. He looked and said: “Yes, heavy movie. But we had things worse there than what was shown. ”

He really liked, as shown, for example, by the soldiers. Who did not spare their stomach, showed Shcherbina, who led the liquidation. He said yes, really close enough to the truth.

Although many things there frank juggling. It’s funny about the lack of dosimeters at the nuclear power plant. Very funny. But in general, the series is filmed with respect to ordinary people, to their exploits. To their dedication.

Vladimir Medinsky Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Medinsky also reminded that in Russia they are working on at least two TV shows and a film about the Chernobyl disaster.

Apparently, the minister was referring to the upcoming picture of Danila Kozlovsky about the three liquidation divers who worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, as well as the NTV television series, which tells about the attempt of CIA agents to sabotage the nuclear power plant.

These projects, according to the minister, are not positioned as an answer to the HBO series – and will not yield to him in quality.

All these projects were born and are made already long before the release of this series. There is no answer.

In general, our cinema, as you know by its quality, especially the serial, I am convinced of this, is not inferior to the world. We shoot absolutely world-class TV shows, we make world-class feature films. And we will see with pleasure what our Chernobyl protests will take.

Vladimir Medinsky Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation


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