Review of the mirror nedoflagman Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 SE debuted with the new flagship of the Chinese manufacturer. An opaque reference to the “iPhone” version of the SE prepares us for a more compact and less productive analogue of the Mi 9 . Only Chinese and Android. It often happens that the younger brother is superior to the older one. Let’s see if this is fair in the case of Mi 9 SE.


  • Appearance
  • Display
  • Unlock screen
  • Battery and performance
  • Camera
  • Conclusion


It is difficult to call the design of the appearance of modern smartphones. They became as faceless as possible and duplicate each other a dozen times, reflecting as if in a mirror. So Mi 9 SE is another variation on the theme of the black rectangle. At least from the front, almost the entire area of ​​which occupies the screen. And only a traitorous drop-shaped cut-out for a selfie-camera and a sufficiently thick frame give the generation of trends to which the device belongs. Above the “drop” is the thinnest slot conversational dynamics. From the first time it is even difficult to notice.

Review of the mirror nedoflagman Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Along the perimeter, you can count four strips for communication needs. Two of them are located at the end of the device next to the holes for the speaker and pseudo-speakers. Yes, the sound comes only from one group of “honeycombs”, the second one is just a stub for beauty, there is a microphone hiding there. There is no talk of any stereo, considering that there are no stereo speakers even in the flagship of the Mi 9. At the top, in addition to the additional noise-canceling microphone, there is an infrared port.

On the back of the smartphone is glass, which has a very strong reflective effect. You can easily look into it like in a mirror. It also perfectly collects prints and stains from hands and fingers. All this is wiped quickly to a mirror shine. But it is noticeable that many traces remain at the foot of the camera.

This monumental jut is difficult to call another. The triple camera module sticks high above the panel and is very well gropeled by hands.

In general, without a case, the Mi 9 SE looks as impractical as possible: it splashes in a couple of minutes and risks being scratched. Moreover, the apparatus slides off from any, even a small ledge. In general, this model was born in order to live in a shirt for a lifetime. Actually, the cover comes with a smartphone.

A metal frame in a glass sandwich with dimensions of 147.5 × 70.5 × 7.5 mm weighs 155 g.


The model is equipped with a display with a diagonal of 5.97 inches and a resolution of 1080 × 2340. Matrix – AMOLED. This is confirmed by the neat backlight of the fingerprint scanner on the off screen.

One of the main advantages of this type of display, besides the rich black color, is the high brightness and readability of information under the bright sun. As practice has shown, under direct sunlight at the maximum brightness of the screen messages in chatik remain readable, although black and fade, acquiring a grayish tint.

Unlock screen

The fingerprint scanner, as in all modern flagships, is built into the display. It can be found due to the characteristic pattern that appears on the off screen. Subjectively, the sensor works slower than traditional scanners located on the back of smartphones. You can even just hit them with your finger so that the device unlocks, whereas for the scanner to trigger in the Mi 9 SE you need a little bit, but hold your finger in the highlighted area. Nevertheless, the response time is so short that it does not affect the usability of the device.

Present in the phone and screen unlocking technology using face recognition. Of course, we are not talking about any construction of an advanced face model. However, with good lighting, the system quickly recognizes the owner, even if he is wearing glasses. But transparent. Sunscreen – this is a serious problem: the smartphone asks to open your eyes wider. In the dark, unlocking in the face works only when the screen brightness is twisted to almost maximum, and he himself is in close proximity to the owner’s face.

Battle Coloring Smartphone in the Wild

Battery life and performance

The younger brother of the flagship has a battery capacity of 3070 mAh. This, frankly, is not much. Recall that the Mi 9 – 3300 mAh. In addition, it supports fast 27-watt charging, while the Mi 9 SE works with 18-watt. The manufacturer claims that in half an hour the battery is charged up to half. Up to seconds, we did not measure the results, but the stated figure is not far from the truth: from 1 to 50% we replenished the charge in 26 minutes.

The Mi 9 SE smartphone runs on a Snapdragon 712 chip, made on 10-nanometer technology, with Adreno 616 graphics. The eight-core processor operates at a frequency of up to 2.3 GHz. Qualcomm claims that, compared to the devices on the Snapdragon 710, the new product has better battery management and 10% more performance in games and web surfing. And, in principle, despite the small capacity, the mini-flagship battery shows itself with dignity. “Zero” the battery was only possible thanks to runs of synthetic tests and the launch of various games. Claims to their execution was not found. The amount of RAM in 6 GB is enough in most cases with the head.

In synthetic tests, the smartphone of stars from the sky is not enough. And if in the AnTuTu ranking, the Mi 9 confidently takes the first place, then its younger brother with 180,000 points is located between the Huawei devices – P20 and Honor 10.

Key FeaturesBattery 3070 mAh
5.97 Inches (1080 x 2340 pixels)
Front Camera 48 MP + 13 MP + 8 MP / Selfie 20 MP
Android 9.0 (Pie); MIUI 10
64/128 GB, 6 GB RAM
Octa-core 2.3 GHz
Dual Sim, 4G GSM / HSDPA / LTE
7.5 mm Thickness, 155 g  

Mi 9 SE Price in Pakistan
Local Shops: Market Retail price without discount Rs. 46000

As for the games themselves, it is enough to say that PUBG Mobile at high graphics settings is played absolutely without subsidence, and the heat for one match was moderate. Yes, by the end of the match, the hands began to sweat, but this is a standard situation for this game.


The Mi 9 SE smartphone, like the flagship, has a photo module with three cameras. The unit is installed on the back of the device in the upper left corner. The element itself, as in the case of Mi 9, prominently protrudes from the body. Therefore, putting a device without a cover on the table is a little scary.

The photo module consists of three lenses: the main one with a f / 1.8 aperture and a 48-megapixel sensor, a telephoto lens with a 8-megapixel f / 2.4 aperture and an ultra-wide 13-megapixel lens with a aperture. Panorama, HDR … In the camera settings you can find the usual photo modes. But as for 4K, it can be shot at a frequency of up to 30 frames per second, Full HD – up to 120 frames per second.

The camera application automatically starts up with an activated AI mode, behind which the color and scene recognition algorithms are hidden. We direct the photo module to a person – the program automatically switches to portrait mode, tries to blur the background. A picture with a complex contrasting light? The camera automatically turns on HDR mode. It is worth remembering that by default, Mi 9 SE takes photos with a resolution of 12 megapixels, and to use all 48 megapixels, you need to find the corresponding option in the menu. However, even some full-frame cameras cost 24 megapixels, and therefore twice as many for the average phone can be considered redundant.

By the way, about filming at dusk. In the modern world, the share of mobile consumers of content is already confidently avoiding views from personal computers. And therefore the pictures in the “Night” mode, made by a shaking hand, look quite decent on a small smartphone screen. Of course, until you start looking at the individual details of the frame. So, in general, in order to entertain CSR in social networks, the Mi 9 SE camera will be enough for most users for their eyes.

After switching to 48 Mp. 
The source file has reached almost 20 MB


Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 SE wants to be like its elder brother, but clearly does not reach it, although it takes amazing price bars in Pakistan. This is if you forget about the AMOLED-screen and camera for an impressive 48 megapixel, no matter how peculiar these megapixels are. The design and materials of the device are not suitable for the amateur, but its dimensions make us remember those wonderful times when the screen was 4 inches in similar dimensions and the “shovels” did not protrude from the pockets of the pants.


Probably the most direct competitor of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone. It has about the same AMOLED-display, less bloated camera, but a more capacious battery. The version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory costs the same as the 64 GB version of the Mi 9 SE. It is very rare to get Sony devices on the list of competitors, so let’s respect the Xperia XA2 Plus with a less powerful processor, but a more capacious battery. In general, there are plenty of competitors in this Xiaomi model, if you do not take into account the triple camera (which does not always turn out to be a plus of the device) and make some compromises.

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