EA called the fascist in Battlefield 5 the name of the real enemy of Nazism

The other day, Electronic Arts announced the appearance of a new character in the shooter Battlefield 5 called Wilhelm Franke. He is represented on the side of Nazi Germany, but there was a discrepancy: it turns out that a man with that name really existed. And Wilhelm was an opponent of fascism.

Electronic Arts had to apologize: the company reported that there was no malicious intent, did not want to offend anyone’s memory. In the near future, the character’s name will be changed, but EA noted that the hero is represented in the game not by a Nazi, but simply by a German soldier. Like, there are no swastikas in Battlefield 5, and the events taking place in the game are just fiction.

The Gestapo arrested Wilhelm Franke in 1944. He died with his family during the bombing of Dresden.

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