The most powerful Mac Pro costs 9,108,480 Pakistani Rupee .

Apple introduced the new Mac Pro yesterday . The company said that the cheapest version would cost $ 5999. But how much is the top model, Apple kept silent.

The journalists of The Verge studied the maximum configuration and selected equivalent components.

By the most conservative estimates, it turned out that the top Mac Pro costs at least $ 45,000 dollars. At the current rate it is almost 6608250.00 PKR, but it is worth considering the taxes and margins of Apple, which make up about 30% of the price, so in Pakistan the price increases to 8,882,427.94 Pakistani Rupee

For this amount, buyers can count on the following components:

▪️ 28-core Intel Xeon W processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz – $ 7,543 or 1,120,752.92Pakistani Rupee ; 
▪️ 12 rams of 128 GB DDR4 ECC each for 1.5 TB of RAM – $ 17,868 or 2,654,864.61 Pakistani Rupee ; 
▪️ 2 SSDs of 2 TB each – $ 2,400  ; 
▪️ Two AMD RADEON PRO VEGA II video cards – $ 12,000  (approximate price).

Also included in the price is an Apple Afterburner board and a basic Mac Pro, since you need to take into account the cost of the case, motherboard, power supply and cooling system.

But $ 45,000 is not the limit. To this price, you can add the PRO DISPLAY XDR monitor for $ 5000, a stand for it for $ 1000, as well as the Apple Magic Trackpad and the Magic Keyboard for 228 dollars. Thus, the price rises to $ 51,228  without taxes and customs duties. [ The Verge ]

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