The best moment of GTA San Andreas is not happening in San Andreas. Translation of material from Kotaku

The material was published by Zach Swiesen on the game portal Kotaku.

The Best Moment In GTA San Andreas Is Leaving …Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The first time I got to the top of … KOTAKU.COM

“GTA San Andreas left me a lot of memories: the first time I climbed to the top of Chiliad, the first time I saw a huge Golden Gate Bridge. I remember the passage of the last mission and, of course, the game as a whole. But most of all from GTA San Andreas remained in the memory of the flight far beyond the map and the opportunity to wander through a small piece of Liberty City – the place of action of Grand Theft Auto 3.

The best moment of GTA San Andreas is not happening in San Andreas. Translation of material from Kotaku

I clearly remember this moment. Then I was 13 years old, and on the weekend I played in GTA. On the instructions of the mission, I needed to get on a plane and fly directly to Liberty City. I expected the game to show me just a cutscene directly to the city or, perhaps, CJ is already in Liberty City before throwing me back home. Instead, they gave me the opportunity to go to Liberty City myself and complete a full-fledged mission there, in this city on the East Coast.

Games of the GTA series sometimes give the player the opportunity to truly leave the gaming location and visit another. During the passage of GTA V, for example, you will be able to visit the snowy city of North Yankton twice: the first time at the very beginning, the second visit takes place while passing the story mission towards the end of the game. Even with the passage of these moments in the fifth part, I did not feel the way I felt when traveling to Liberty City, passing San Andreas.

The main reason that the “change of route” in SA was remembered to me more than anything else is the location itself. In GTA V you see only a small neat town. Of course, earlier we were not allowed to visit such towns, far from civilization, but I don’t have any spiritual connection with North Yankton.

At the same time, Liberty City is a place that I know. Virtual place in which I navigate almost better than in my real city. I can walk to the spans Banshee blindfolded. I know where the airport is and where exactly Dodo stands there. I remember the first time I crossed a bridge, and I can find all gun shops without a map. This is a special place in my memory that will remain there forever.

So, the return to Liberty City was awesome. It was unusual to return to the previously trampled lands now covered with snow. Still, some things changed while my adventures in Vice City and San Andreas lasted.

The location that CJ visits is the Marco’s Bistro. Location, which I remember very well from the time of the passage of GTA 3. It was in this place that you had to park a mined car, having thus dealt with a member of the mafia, who dined here in earlier missions. The opportunity to go inside, to where you were not previously, was amazing then for little Zach.

In fact, the mission executed by CJ in Liberty City was not very interesting: it was necessary only to kill a certain number of people of the mafia and escape. But the stupidity and excessive simplicity of the task completely overshadowed the arrival in the snow-covered Liberty City.

For this mission, a small part of Liberty City was recreated, its developers positioned much higher than the San Andreas map. Scary, but this whole area is considered only one room, since otherwise the game can not calculate this part of the map. In fact, when you fly to Liberty City, Rockstar teleports you to a large room that includes part of the street and the bistro itself. Another interesting fact about this mission is that this is the first time we see snow in the games of the GTA series.

15 years after the release of San Andreas, the memories of this mission do not leave me. I hope that when Grand Theft Auto 6 sees the light, Rockstar will give us the opportunity to visit other familiar cities, even if this visit does not last more than one mission. Such trips create the integrity of the game world and show its impressive size. And even more so, who does not want to take a little vacation while passing? “

I will be glad if you, after reading and evaluating this material, go down in the comments and write down which moment in GTA: SA is your favorite.

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