Elon Musk builds Cuphead into Tesla cars

Tesla cars are equipped with a large multimedia screen, which should not be idle in moments when the car is not moving. So thought Elon Musk and knocked out the Cuphead developers to port their game to their company’s electric cars.

While we are talking only about the starting world, where the main character falls, and only a couple of bosses. This is due to restrictions on storage in the car. Motorists and their passengers will be able to play Cuphead by connecting a gamepad to the car’s USB port. As Elon Musk said, the game is already working wonderfully on Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X. He also spoke about Cuphead, which is one of his favorite games.

– This is a cool game. She is incredibly complicated. Sadistically difficult, – he stressed businessman.

In addition to Cuphead, Tesla engineers are engaged in porting the Unity engine to their own operating system, GameSpot writes. So soon Tesla cars will acquire a dozen more interesting titles.


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