The best memes and viral videos of May 2019

On the first weekend of the summer, we offer you a traditional selection of memes, which were giggled on in social networks

Dead pan against the backdrop of fire

The boy, riding on a swing on the background of a serious fire in the Russian city of Noyabrsk, became an Internet star. On May 26, a settled two-story house caught fire there, which had to be put out for four hours. About 70 employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations worked at the scene of the incident, 11 units of special equipment were driven there. But while the onlookers watched with interest the raging flames, one boy didn’t care about him: Boy just rode on a swing in the background of fire.

“All life in Russia in miniature”, – commented on this video in the social network. 
And Dima has become a relevant symbol to replace the meme This is fine.


Fatality Yakubovich

At the end of April, another series of the Mortal Kombat fighting game was released, and in May, Yakubovich was presented with a parody of the fighting game, which was crossed with the capital show “Field of Miracles”. A wonderful dubbing video from a TV program quickly gained popularity on the Internet, but on May 18 it was removed at the request of VID due to copyright infringement. The fact is that the original version of the video featured trademarks. This was announced by the author of the parody project Alexey Yurevich.

The company wanted to receive money for the use of its trademarks: 30,000 Russian rubles every month and 100,000 one-time. But later I managed to agree on a simple reloading of the video without using logos.

Snapchat filters have gone too far

In May, in Snapchat, filters appeared that can change a person’s sex. Not with the help of surgical instruments, of course. Only virtually and above the neck. But nevertheless quite plausible. If for men the filter has prepared smooth skin, big eyes and long hair, then for women – blue bristles.

Another filter can rejuvenate a person up to the age of a preschooler. Particularly interesting it looks on the actors of popular shows and films. You always wanted to see Thanos in your childhood?

Vacuum cleaner idea

In social networks, meanwhile, came the May insanity. More precisely, over the minds prevailed new idea. It is simple and requires a large garbage bag and a good vacuum cleaner from the participants, which sucks air well. #VacuumChallenge participants get into the bags, suck the air out of them and end up in a kind of cocoon. Or a BDSM costume … Unclear. In general, it’s better to see once or twice to see how much fun it is. Or vice versa.

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Child with the face of Elon Musk

We have a feeling that we have seen this video even earlier, but on YouTube it is dated May this year. Perhaps we all just had a dream in a nightmare. You can’t tell another way when you see a child with Elon Musk face.

The author of the video with the help of neural networks has created an extremely strange story that is worth watching carefully: there is a chance to change the attitude either towards the famous inventor or towards the children.


And at the end, as usual, we offer a selection of the most interesting and popular Koubs over the past month.


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