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The creators of the Egyptian series accused of copying ” Breaking Bad”

According to the audience, some scenes were quoted verbatim.

On the similarities of the drama called Wald El Ghalaba (“Son of the Poor”) with the TV series “Breaking Bad” drew the attention of local viewers.

The protagonist of the Egyptian series is a poor history teacher who has to work as a taxi driver at night. To feed his family, he gets involved in the production and trafficking of drugs.

The show with Brian Cranston in the lead role told a similar story. But his main character, Walter White, was a chemistry teacher and decided to commit a crime, having learned that he had lung cancer.

Viewers from Egypt told in social networks that “The Son of the Poor” copied not only the general structure of the plot “Breaking Bad”, but also the images of the characters.

“Even the wound is in the same place.”

Someone found distant similarities in the posters of the two series.

The creators of the Egyptian series accused of copying ” Breaking Bad”
Poster 4th Season Breaking Bad
Poster Son of Poor

According to some viewers, some quotes from the AMC show were translated word by word, and the scenes were re-shot frame by frame. For example, in the Egyptian TV series, there is also an episode in which the characters stand in front of a bunch of money earned on drug trafficking.

Shot from “Son of the Poor”

Frame from “Breaking Bad”

One of the members of the film crew of “The Son of the Poor”, Rifki Assaf (Rifqi Assaf), stood up for the show and used the example of the money scene to explain the main similarities.

He noted that in the American series, Walter White and his wife had detached facial expressions. At the same time, they were shot from below – the camera angle was chosen so that the characters would rise above the folded mountain of banknotes.

In the Egyptian version, Assaf stressed, the heroes stand in a pose expressing weakness and insecurity. The frame is also built differently – the camera is directed from top to bottom, and the scene was shot using a wide-angle lens.

Western mass media, including The Hollywood Reporter, also noticed close similarities later. Journalists even turned to comment for Sony TV studio, engaged in the production of “Breaking Bad”, but at the moment did not receive an answer.

At the same time, the Walter White series has an official overseas adaptation – the Spanish-language Metastasis , which was filmed in Colombia.


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