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Dosomki “New Mutants” will be held before the end of 2019 the year

The long-suffering horror in the universe of “X-Men” will be released in April 2020.

Dosomki “New Mutants” will be held before the end of 2019 the year

The picture was transferred three times, but it seems that the date appointed by Disney will be final – at least, this was stated by producer Simon Kinberg.

According to him, the picture is still sent to the shooting, which was planned to do much earlier. Kinberg noted that the main problem was to collect all the actors on the set. The stars, especially Macy Williams (“Game of Thrones”), Ani Taylor-Joy (“Split”) and Charlie Heaton (“Very strange things”) have a very tight schedule.

The producer noted that after the merger of Disney and Fox, Marvel’s studio helped the creators of New Mutants draw up a schedule and agree with the whole lineup.

The problem was, first of all, to decide that we would be re-taking. Moreover, it was necessary to collect all the actors again.

Marvel brilliantly copes with similar tasks – they easily fit the snapshots into their schedules and budgets, everything is under their control. It has never been so easy for us. […]

From the side it may seem easier. After all, our actors are not such big stars as those that play in the main films about X-Men.

But everyone is constantly busy on television – and we have to wait until the chance turns up to collect them in one place at one time.

So we will do business, and the film will be out soon.Simon Kinbergproducer

One of the actresses, Macy Williams, has already said that she is worried about the fate of the film and does not know “what is happening to him.” She confirmed that the studio had plans to re-shoot, but it never came to that.

Macy Williams on The New Mutants: “*** his …According to the actress, they were going to retake the picture, but this did not happen.

The creators of the “New Mutants” will return to the site two years after the start of filming – initially the work on the horror started in the summer of 2017.

Disney announced the release date of the film along with other changes to its schedule. Most of the planned Fox paintings in the universe of “X-Men” now it does not appear.”

Disney has appointed the release date of three films on “Star Wars” and postponed the sequels to “Avatar” 

New mutants” will be released on April 3, 2020.

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