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James McAvoy: “For me, the story of the X-Men is over”

According to the actor, Disney and Marvel do not plan in the near future to release new films on the franchise.

James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain

James McEvoy flew to Moscow for the premiere of the film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.” In an interview with TASS, the actor spoke about the role of his character in the film, speculated about the following roles, and also agreed that it is worth shooting “Wanted 2”.

MacEvoy was struck by the number of fans in Russia. On the day of arrival, when he walked around Red Square at night, many fans asked him for an autograph. “I have not seen such enthusiasm in any city in the world,” the actor said.

In “Dark Phoenix”, McEvoy again played Professor X. According to McEvoy, in this part of the franchise, his character is vain. He moves from the role of mentor and master to the role of a public person.

Yes. I think he makes a mistake. He must keep a balance. On the one hand, his family is his employees, the X-Men. And he must protect them. On the other hand, he should promote their interests, tell the world that they are, in general, good. However, using them in politics is wrong.

James mcavoy actor

McAvoy does not see himself in the next X-Men movie.

For me, the story of people X, the story of my character is over. As far as I know, both Disney and Marvel publicly state that there will no longer be films about X-Men, that they will be left alone.

James mcavoy actor

In 2009, the film “Last Resurrection” about Leo Tolstoy was released, in which McAvoy played. The actor said that he had recently considered a project in which he could play the role of Levin from Anna Karenina, but so far this picture has not been put into production.

A few years ago, McEvoy was reading the script for the sequel “Wanted”. The actor would like to know how the story of his character continued. In general, he is ready to star in a film of both Russian and any other director. For MacEvoy, the main thing is not the nationality of the director, but a good script.

I do not divide the work into names and nationalities. All this is indifferent to me. The most important thing is the material, this is a good script. If he is, and if he is a Russian director, I will say: “Yes, I agree.”

James mcavoy actor

McAvoy himself prefers to appear in psychological scenes like Split.

I like films that explore the human brain, people’s behavior. Of course, I’m not as cruel as my characters in these pictures, but they largely reflect the way I live. As an actor, I also explore people. These are the films I really like, yes.

James mcavoy actor

The film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is released in the Russian box office on June 6. Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain played key roles in it.


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