The most anticipated games of the summer of 2019

Summer is at hand, the gaming industry will be able to please gamers with a set of interesting projects. Well, in the fall, as usual, the parade of blockbusters will begin – eminent franchises that will try (surely – successfully) to attract an audience to themselves. And it is worth remembering that very soon the next E3 exhibition will start, where new games will be presented, they will tell about future releases, it is possible that surprises will appear.


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    • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
    • Samurai Shodown
    • The sinking city
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    • Wolfenstein: Youngblood
    • Control
    • Shenmue III
    • Astral chain
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The most anticipated games of the summer of 2019

E3 Exhibition

First, a few words about the exhibition E3, which will be held from 11 to 14 June.

Microsoft is waiting for the announcement of the cloud gaming streaming platform xCloud, which rivals write Google Stadia. However, the Google project is still damp and at the start it will almost certainly be inferior to the Microsoft product. But there is still the question of different audiences, so it’s premature to talk about the superiority of xCloud. Also, according to rumors, the software giant will introduce a new Xbox (Sony is already starting to promote the PS5). Oh yes – the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 can be announced.

Sony and Electronic Arts will not hold press conferences at E3, but EA still organizes an event before the show (they can talk about Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order). Bethesda will appear on the show. Likely to talk about Doom Eternal. About The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield Studio will be silent.

Watch Dogs 3 is waiting for the announcement from Ubisoft (but this is not accurate), Square Enix will talk about the game series, Nintendo will be active almost every day.

To date, at least the games that will be discussed at the event have been confirmed (this is not necessarily new):

AnthemMonster Hunter World: Iceborne
Apex legendsOverpass
Battlefield vParanoia: Happiness is Mandatory
Bee simulatorStar Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Borderlands 3Tavern keeper
Call of duty 2019The Fisherman – Fishing Planet
Cyberpunk 2077The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
Doom eternalThe riftbreaker
Dying Light 2The sinking city
FIFA 20The Walking Dead: Onslaught
Farmer’s dynastyTom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint
FortniteTrine 4: The Nightmare Prince
Halo infiniteWRC 8
John wick hexWerewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

The most anticipated games of the summer of 2019

Well, now back to the main theme – the most anticipated games of the summer of 2019. They are listed in chronological order with reference to the world or European release date (if it is announced).

1. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

June 21 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Fortunately or unfortunately, games have become much more popular, more illustrative, and with a touch of immaturity. Probably affects the stress of modern super-fast life.

The development of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled deals with the studio Beenox, the name of which the majority of the audience does not say anything. Nevertheless, there are quite a few iconic and popular projects in the company’s portfolio. The publisher of Activision also hints at the potential success of the remake of Crash Team Racing.

This is an arcade race in a fun entourage and with characters from the Crash Bandicoot series. The goal is to overcome the track, bypassing various obstacles, using amplifiers, bonuses and other improvers that increase the efficiency of the machines.

In addition, you will need to choose the “right” vehicle for individual tracks – the classic requirements for such games. There are decorations, the ability to customize “cars”.

Someone will certainly experience a feeling of nostalgia, others will just be interested in adrenaline on the winding slopes.

2. Samurai Shodown

June 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows

A bit later, Samurai Shodown’s fighting game comes from a very long series of SNK (which, in turn, also has a very turbulent and rather long history). The first to access it will get the owners of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, then – Nintendo Switch and computers running Windows. Probably for those who are little Mortal Kombat, or requiring diversity. Or fans of a particular series.

A new game, some sources called the prequel to Samurai Shodown from 1993 for slot machines (title 2019 is also no exception). Others claim that she will tell the story between the original Samurai Shodown and Samurai Shodown V, becoming a restart of the series.

The plot may be present, but this is a fighting game, in which the main thing is to wave your hands (and other bodies). Of the interesting – the appearance of a ghost, whose skill depends on the skills of the gamer itself – the computer uses modern technologies for self-study.

3. The Sinking City

June 27 for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

They waited for this game in March, but according to the tradition of the “big gamedev” it didn’t happen – the detective action adventure from the Ukrainian developers will be released only on June 27 (probably there will be no more transfers, but Lovecraft is not joking).

Detective Charles Reed, who is the main actor, will go to the fictional American ghost town of the 20s of the last century, where he will solve the mystery. In this, he will be confronted by various forces, among which there are many otherworldly ones – the basis of The Sinking City is the Myths of Cthulhu.

They say that no sandbox, a clear goal, but the “corridor” also should not happen. On the complete passage of the game will take about 50 hours, 20 of which will fall on side quests.

In theory, it looks interesting and attractive, especially considering the genre. What happens in reality, we learn in the summer.

4. F1 2019

June 28 for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

And again the game without any surprises, which does not make it less popular among fans of racing simulators and, in particular, Formula 1 racing. What can you say about the next series of F1?

This is the 11th franchise game, it will have 21 tracks, 20 drivers, 10 teams registered in the 70th season of the world famous ring car racing championship – everything is official.

Codemasters in this case, not one car ate, so everything will be fine. Moreover, according to custom, cheeks are blowing there, stating that F1 2019 has been developing for two years and “this is the most ambitious release in franchise history”.

The game comes out in several editions: Anniversary Edition with a pair of classic cars, Legends Edition will add Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost with their fireballs. Well, the full list of “races” is given in the Codemasters blog .

5. Wolfenstein: Youngblood

July 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows

Did you miss the Nazis in an alternative history? The Bethesda publisher has a way to satisfy this need. Last name Blaskowitz (Blazhkovich and any other options) will sound again, but in a slightly different way: his daughters Jess and Sophie will be the main characters. That, by the way, opens up the possibility of cooperative passage in the composition of the female “special forces”. Or be content with the help of AI.

Why do twin sisters need all this? Looking for a missing father. And the events unfolding in France 80s of the last century. At the same time, the girls help the local Resistance to fight the Nazis, who have occupied the country since the days of World War II.

The development of Wolfenstein: Youngblood was engaged in the same studio that is responsible for the restart, which started in 2014. Therefore, they can hardly spoil the porridge.

In 2019 Wolfenstein will also come out: Cyberpilot for virtual reality, in which the gamer will turn into a hacker working for that very French Resistance. A kind of “sidestory.”

6. Control

August 27 for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Did you like to play for the “weak” side of humanity? If not, skip this game. Remedy, known for Alan Wake and Quantum Break, will launch the Control action with the heroine Jesse Faydens, an employee of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), in late summer. It is engaged in the search, study and, as it is easy to guess, the control of unusual life forms. Simply put, there will be problems with reality and laws (physics, chemistry, and so on).

The bad ones will be Khissy (or Hissing), which pop their noses and seize what does not belong to them. Although what they are, no one can fully understand. Jesse, who had served as the Director of the Bureau, should find a way to get rid of them and regain control of the “Oldest Building”.

Judging by the description, Control is somewhat like Prey on anabolic, but this impression may be erroneous.

The picture is promised stunning, diluted with all sorts of riddles, puzzles and activities diversifying the process.

7. Shenmue III

August 27 for Windows PlayStation 4

The release of this game was postponed several times: according to the initial plans, the release was to be held until the end of 2017, then – in 2018, now – on August 28, 2019. And nothing prevents to transfer the Japanese adventures once again, “to finish the project”. Moreover, they say so much about the continuation of the old series that the new date will not affect the perception (fans will continue to expect meekly, those who are interested will not care).

However, the interest of the audience is definitely: Shenmue III hit the top of the most sponsored games on the Kickstarter site, so the developers simply cannot back up. True, it was a long time ago, even before the series of transfers.

Shenmue III will continue the history of previous games (which have become cult, but fail financially), as the creator of the series intends to continue it, releasing new ones. Given the prolonged pause, the idea may not be realized.

8. Astral Chain

August 30 for Nintendo

This is exclusive to the owners of the Nintendo console, so there is plenty of interest in it. In addition, the company recently launched gaming coupons offering discounts on games, and Astral Chain was on the list long before it was released. True, you will need another subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, but these are trifles for the “junk” fans of the “switches”.

The action will take place in the near future in the huge and rich city of Ark with a thriving population of all stripes. There is a catastrophe, evil aliens attack people and do other bad things.

The case includes the special unit Neuron, whose employees use Legion “live weapons”. The goal – to protect, destroy, dominate, speaking in the form of one of the twin cops.

Astral Chain is led by former Nier: Automata chief designer, assisted by the creator of the Bayonetta series. For fans of the genre this is important.


We conclude the selection with a bonus in which we list the games that also deserve attention, but for one reason or another were not included in the main list.

Warhammer: Chaosbane is released on June 4 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but if you ordered the Digital Deluxe or Magnus Edition, you will be able to play May 31.

Someone, perhaps, waits will not wait for Super Meat Boy Forever . It should have appeared in April, now the date is 2019. It is possible that summer. Although somehow there has already been a restart of the development of SMBF, so there is a possibility that the idea will stall.

Heavy Rain will be released for Windows on June 24 (Better late than never, right?), Another former console exclusive – Beyond: Two Souls – July 22.

Super Mario Maker 2 will go to Switch on June 28, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses for the same platform – on July 26.

A little more “Japanese” for the PlayStation 4 – Judgment , which is already present in the Japanese market, will be released for the rest of the world on June 25th.

Well, Life Is Strange 2 – Episode 4 will appear on August 22.

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