Estonian hackers faked e-passport

Estonian hackers were allegedly able to fake electronic IDs from 10 to 20 people in the country. The victims received SMS allegedly on behalf of one of the local banks with a request to update user data. The message contained a link to a site that imitated a bank.

Here victims were offered to log in using Mobile-ID (used as a means of identification) and enter PIN-1 and PIN-2. This allowed attackers to create an account in a specialized Smart-ID application.

None of the victims noticed that in fact they were not on the bank’s website, Postimees writes . It is noted that not only moral, but also material damage was inflicted on people. The total damage amounted to about 1000 euros.

A developed e-government system allows Estonian citizens to use about 600 different online services, another 2.4 thousand services are offered to business, CNews reports . With the help of electronic ID, you can remotely sign documents, make payments and so on.


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