Apple changed its mind to add an application for streaming Steam games on the App Store

Apple suddenly decided not to add the Steam Link application to the App Store. At first, the company did not even want to say the specific reason for the refusal.

kupertinovtsy have consented to the publication of the application on 7 May and then abruptly changed their minds. This is what Valve originally reported on this:

On May 7, Apple approved the release of the Steam Link application. On May 9, we had an announcement of the application on iOS. But the next morning, Apple canceled its permission, citing conflict of interest related to the application details, which is not noticed first checks the command.

Valve appealed, explaining that Steam Link works as a remotely connected computer over a network, and similar applications have long been available on the App Store. Apple rejected the appeal and banned the distribution of the application through the App Store. We hope Apple changes its mind in the future.

Then, Valve still found out the reason why the company refused to host the application. The fact is that Apple does not allow publishing of programs within which it is possible to make purchases on external sites.

This is a purchase in the Steam store bypassing the App Store, this is not considered an in-app purchase. Thus, the Cupertine’s do not receive a percentage of Valve’s profits.

We hope that Apple will change its decision in the future and allow the publication of the Steam Link application in the App Store. [ Macrumors ]

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