Rage 2 shooter hacked on the day of release due to a Bethesda error

Yesterday came out one of the most anticipated shooters of the year – Rage 2 from the creators of Doom. The game should have been protected from pirates by Denuvo’s DRM protection, which gamers dislike very much. However, less than a day, as the game was hacked and laid out on torrent trackers. The reason for such a quick “leaning” Rage 2 was the publisher himself – the company Bethesda.

According to PCgamer, for some reason the publisher did not protect the version of the game for his own launcher. It was a deliberate choice of Bethesda or his mistake, is unknown, but the “pirates” quickly assessed the situation and freed the Rage 2 from the commercial chains. In this case, the Steam-version of the game is protected by Denuvo – it was not hacked.

Previously, the creators of Denuvo said that you can hack any game. However, in the case of their defense, it is difficult and time consuming. The main goal of Denuvo is to give new games as much as possible at the start until they are distributed to pirated resources. Note that sometimes protected projects are still difficult to hack. For example, from the new games with Denuvo, until now, the pirates could not overcome the Anno 1800.

As for Rage 2, the game received mixed reviews. They praise her for nice graphics and excellent shooting, but they blame everything else – the plot, the open world, etc.

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