Access to the server of the good old World of Warcraft Classic will open on August 27

Blizzard will try to give you your 2006 back. The official site of World of Warcraft has the release date of the classic version of the game in the form that many people remember for 2006 and version 1.12. It will be possible to move into the past on August 27 at 3:00 am Wednesday, in Pakistan .
. So plan your vacation in advance.

However, you can get there in May. However, only selected lucky ones who will receive an invitation to limited beta testing. The developers are going to check the performance of the assembly and servers, loading individual areas of the game with a large number of players. Invitations to the beta test will begin to be sent out on May 15, and it will pass through metered: May 22–23, June 19–20, and July 18–19.

A version of World of Warcraft called Classic was announced in 2017. The version will include a build of the game at number 1.12 without subsequent updates that regularly supplement the game. So, The Burning Crusade was released in early January 2007.

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