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The restart of “Duck stories” extended for the third season

The premiere of the second will take place only in October.

It seems that Disney is fully confident in the success of the restarted animated series “Duck Stories” – it was renewed again for the next season even before the show started.

This was announced in a comic video clip, where the actors who voiced the brothers Billy, Willie and Dilly and their great-uncle Scrooge McDuck recorded their replicas for the first time at the same time.

Scrooge was voiced by British actor David Tennant, best known for the Doctor Who and Jessica Jones TV series, and the ducks were played by Danny Pudi (the TV series Community), Ben Schwartz and Bobby Moynahan.

The premiere of the second season of “Duck stories” will be held on October 20, and the next one will begin to show in 2019.


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