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The head of Disney confirmed that the next film on the “Star Wars” engaged showrunners “Game of Thrones”

Perhaps this is not the best time for such an announcement.

On May 7, Disney announced that it will release three films in the Star Wars universe in 2022, 2024, and 2026 that will not be directly linked to the Skywalker saga.

Until now, it remains unknown who will work on these pictures, but Bob Iger officially confirmed that the studio will start with a blockbuster from the “Game of Thrones” show runners – David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Eiger himself has not yet seen the ninth episode of Star Wars, but Lucasfilm is confident that the film will be a great success. After the release of Rise of the Skywalker, the franchise will take a three-year break.

We are already working on [new films]. We decided that three years is a good time, not only to take a breath and reboot, but also to get ready for the next release.Bob igerDisney head

What Iger didn’t explain was whether all three films would be shot under the guidance of Benioff and Weiss or only the first.

Earlier, the studio announced three pictures from the director of The Last Jedi, Ryan Johnson, and he is already actively working on the scenarios of these pictures. It would be strange if they had to wait for their turn until 2028.

On the other hand, no less strange is the option in which the studio will produce two trilogies in turn in 4-year increments between related plot films.

In addition, Iger confirmed the studio plans for the development of a franchise in the Disney + service. At the start of the online cinema, Mandalorets by John Favreau will be available, later the outcast prequel “Outcast-one” will be released and, finally, until 2022 another yet unannounced show will be released.

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