GTA 5 sales exceeded 110 million copies

The parent company Take-Two of the game studio Rockstar summed up the fourth quarter of its fiscal year. Among other things, the sales figures for the company’s main gaming hits, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, were announced. According to the report, almost six years after the launch of GTA 5, the game acquired in the amount of more than 110 million copies.

The last game of the studio, Red Dead Redemption 2, also demonstrates excellent results. Since October last year, it has sold 24 million copies. And according to Take-Two, it shows sales even higher than expected. True, since February this number has grown by only a million, but by the standards of game projects, this is an impressive result.

Investors asked whether the company intends to release RDR 2 on personal computers. The answer was : “We reserve the right for our labels to talk about future announcements”.

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