Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and also showed debut trailer and gameplay

The leaks were true.

On the eve of the show, several “plums” of the new part of Ghost Recon happened at once – first a collection collector’s image flowed into the network, and then a promo with box-art. Also, even before the announcement, several interesting facts about the game were known: the main villain was played by John Bernthal (“The Punisher”), – his hero directs the army of drones, and the release will take place on October 4th.

All leaks were confirmed. On May 9, during a live broadcast, Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, a direct sequel to Wildlands, and also showed the game’s opening trailers.

The game takes place on the Auroa Archipelago, where Skell Technology is a company involved in the creation of UAVs. Their technology was cracked by a certain criminal group of Wolves (Wolves), led by the character Berntal, turning the archipelago into a giant prison. Stop the Wolves – and there is a new goal of Ghosts.

Auroa combines several climatic zones at once – there are both deserts and snow-covered mountains. As previously reported by the media, the player has the opportunity to smear mud and thus disguise his character.

During the presentation, the authors reported that at the start there will be four classes of characters to choose from, and the content for the game will be created over the years. There are several distinctive features: for example, heroes can get broken limbs, and the camera in the game is like that of God of War, which can be seen in the gameplay trailer.

In addition, the game is planned PvP, about which there are no details, and after the release, the authors promise to add raids.

Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and also showed debut trailer and gameplay

The game already has a page in EGS – at the moment the regular edition costs 2999 rubles, the Gold Edition, which includes early access and a subscription – 4999 rubles, and the Ultimate Edition with additional sets and tasks – 5499 rubles.

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