Ghost Recon updates have hinted at the imminent announcement of the next Ubisoft game.

And it looks like it is not Splinter Cell.

Ghost Recon updates have hinted at the imminent announcement of the next Ubisoft game.

On the teaser in the next update Ghost Recon Wildlands drew the attention of yutuber under the nickname coreross. He found in the game an invitation to an event called Skell Con, which will be held on May 9, 2019 at 21:30 Moscow time.

In addition, the blogger found the site of the mysterious company Skell Tech, on which there is an ESRB die (“rating is expected”), hinting that this is a new game.

Skell Tech website is protected by a username and password, but the players managed to calculate them. The username is “asantos” and the password is “10068”. If you enter them, access to the video on the Ubisoft YouTube channel. The video was not noticed before, because it is available only by reference.

Judging by the video, Skell Tech is engaged in the production of drones for various purposes – from agricultural to medical.

As noted by the portal PCGamesN , the slogan “A better future is already today” sounds like an idea that some ominous corporation probably would have translated.

In addition, the Skell dispenser, judging by the description, should replace not only humans, but also bees, so it can be assumed that they completely disappeared in the fictional universe.

Referrals to Skell Tech in Ubisoft games are usually associated with Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six Siege or Splinter Cell, so journalists believe the announcement could take place in one of these franchises.

In the thread at ResetEra, insider and analyst Daniel Ahmad asked the players not to hope for the announcement of Splinter Cell. It is quite possible that we can talk about Watch Dogs 3, which, according to Kotaku, takes place in London.

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