Apple’s revenue and profit fell

Apple has summed up the second quarter of fiscal year 2019. The company stated that from January to March, the company’s income and profits declined compared to the same period last year: revenue fell by 5% and net profit fell by 10%, reports VentureBeat .

During the first calendar quarter, Apple earned $ 58 billion (a year earlier – $ 61.1 billion), while net profit was $ 11.6 billion (a year earlier – $ 13.8 billion).

Tim Cook noted that the number of active devices of the company rose to 1.4 billion, and the services business set an absolute record. And if Apple no longer publishes quantitative sales of its iron, it has not forgotten to boast of services: $ 11.45 billion in revenue ($ 9.85 billion a year earlier).

In general, the Chinese market turned out to be the strongest in terms of sales of iPads, Macs generated 5% less revenue ($ 5.5 billion), and Apple’s wearable electronics brought revenue of $ 5.1 billion. “IPhones” sold $ 31.05 billion.

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