Apple engineer dies due to autopilot Tesla Model X

In March 2018, Apple engineer Wei Loon Huang crashed into a Tesla Model X when a car with autopilot turned on crashed into a road fence. Now his family has sued Tesla and California.

Tesla Model X Huang crashed into a California highway fence in autopilot mode. Four seconds before the collision, Tesla accelerated from 99 to 113 km / h . Relatives of Huang are sure that the car had a structural defect.

The shock was so strong that the car’s battery instantly caught fire. The plaintiffs believe that this could have been avoided if the California authorities had replaced the chipper in time. He was defeated in a previous accident.

Shortly after the incident, Tesla CEO Ilon Musk stated that “the driver received several visual and one audible warnings, and his hands were not on the steering wheel six seconds before the collision.” According to the company, the broken chipper was the cause of “such a serious accident.”

After this incident, Tesla updated the car firmware. A warning has appeared in the new version, which says that drivers should touch the steering wheel more often and remain attentive even when autopilot is on. [ Engadget ]


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