Sony: wait for the PlayStation 5 will have at least another year

Today at the session of questions and answers, Sony reported a few details about the PlayStation 5. Representatives of the company assured that in the next twelve months the new generation of the console will not be exactly – which means that it will appear at best by summer or winter holidays. The announcement may well take place at the exhibition E3 2020.

So far, Sony is sharing bits of information about the future console. PlayStation 5 should receive support for 8K resolution, 3D sound, and the HDD will be replaced by a much more nimble solid-state drive (SSD). The company also promises backward compatibility with games for the PlayStation 4. In the development of the PlayStation 5 invest approximately 31.1 billion yen – this is almost 280 million dollars.

Microsoft is also in full swing working on new-generation consoles – presumably, the company will introduce two versions of the console at once. Release is expected next year.

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