Friendship Apple and Qualcomm squeezed Intel out of the business of 5G smartphones

Apple and Qualcomm decided to end the standoff and stop persecuting each other in the courts. A settlement agreement was concluded, and the Apple Corporation will purchase components from the partner. Speech for certain goes including about 5G-modems for mobile devices. Previously it was assumed that due to the conflict of their supply for Apple may take up Intel.

However, after the news of the reconciliation of Apple and Qualcomm, Intel announced its desire to leave the business of developing and releasing 5G modems for smartphones, focusing on solutions for computers and smart things, as well as 5G infrastructure.

The fact that the decision is connected with Qualcomm and Apple is not directly stated. This does not prevent us from linking the two events, since the global one between the two mentioned companies came as a surprise. However, on the eve, notes The Verge, the agency Nikkei announced Apple’s skepticism about the possibilities of Intel as a supplier of 5G-components for the future iPhone.

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