Backward compatibility and 8K support. Sony told about the PlayStation 5

Quite unexpectedly, the PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny gave an exclusive interview for Wired, in which he frankly spoke about the next-generation console from Sony. He avoided calling it a PlayStation 5, based on the definition of next-gen.

In an interview with Cernie said that the new PlayStation console will not be released in 2019, but the kits and prototypes for developers have already been sent out, and games for the new generation are already being made.

“Iron” filling conditional PlayStation 5 will be a chip from AMD. It will be an 8-core processor (Zen 2 architecture) from the third generation Ryzen line, made using 7-nanometer technology. Previously it was assumed that these processors will appear on the PC market in mid-2019. The video accelerator will be customized on the Navi architecture with support for ray tracing technology. The console will support graphics output in 8K resolution.

When the speaker was asked about the platform on which Death Stranding debuted, after a short pause and sly smile, he stressed that the game was being made for PS4. Nevertheless, the journalist Wired suggests that the release may be dual-platform.

Also in the system-on-chip from AMD will be built audiochip with support for surround sound. Declared full support for the PlayStation VR. Apparently, in the next generation, Sony intends to actively develop this area.

The developers want to significantly reduce the time of uploading locations on the future PlayStation. To do this, the SSD-drive will be built into the console. On the prototype of the new console, Zerny demonstrated how fast the downloads will be, using the example of Spider-Man. On the PS4 Pro, the process of fast moving took 15 seconds, and on the prototype – 0.8 seconds. In addition, SSD will speed up the loading of players in the lobby of multiplayer projects, thereby reducing the waiting time.

Cernie also confirmed that the new product will have full backward compatibility with games released for the PlayStation 4. Therefore, unlike many other transitions from generation to generation, it will be the most painless for players. So while no talk about exclusives for PS5 is not.

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