Designers have shown the concept of folding iPhone Z with a flexible screen

The Russian brand Caviar has connected to the creation of concepts, bringing the attention of the iPhone Z – a hypothetical Apple smartphone with a flexible screen. The device received a folding case and design in the style of the company Caviar. “The model is called the Latin alphabet letter Z – this is both a designation of a new, younger generation, and a silhouette image that is“ drawn ”by the edges of a developing smartphone, ” this is how the creators describe the concept.

A set of iPhone Z smartphone operating modes is offered: “selfie”, “tablet” (with a total screen resolution of 3876 by 2758 pixels with dimensions of 215 × 153 mm), “laptop” for using the keyboard and “screen” for watching movies.

Also in the concept, there is a main triple camera, a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, a face recognition system and USB Type-C. Further, a little pathos, which we will slightly reduce: “The design of the device represents the embodiment of Caviar’s current luxurious style – an expressive alliance of composite black onyx, gold (coating on Double Electroplated technology (test 999, 7 microns)) and 38 diamonds . 

The iPhone Z in this version of Caviar was priced at 2,900 euros (464,131.59Pakistani Rupee).


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