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What to expect from the last season of the series “Game of Thrones”? Main issues

April 14 around the world (15th Minsk time) the final season of one of the most popular TV shows of the decade, Game of Thrones, starts. Far from all the heroes have survived to this point, but those who stayed still have a lot of surprises for us. The creator of this universe, George Martin, even better than David Lynch, taught us that “owls are not what they seem to be”: bastards turn out to be pretenders to the throne, and princes of murder become honor people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for this oath.

All the cards are on the table, and we can only guess how this “Game of Thrones” will end. Therefore, for a few minutes we will become “three-eyed ravens”, go through the main issues that have accumulated before the start of the 8th season, and try to predict who will eventually take the Iron Throne.

What will be the 8th season?

First of all, you need to understand that we are waiting for a truly epoch-making TV event. Just think, for a long time the pilot episode of the TV series “Lost” remained the most expensive on television: they spent about 10-12 million dollars. Later, this record was broken by the first series of the “Underground Empire”, for which they spent 18 million. Now think about it: for each episode of the 8th season of the Game of Thrones, approximately $ 15 million was spent, that is, the whole season cost about 100 million! This is quite a budget for a Hollywood blockbuster.

The creators did not conceal that each of the 6 episodes would be more like a full-fledged film. HBO, by the way, published the timing of the episodes, and we know that the first two episodes will last 54 and 58 minutes, respectively, the fourth episode – 78 minutes, the fifth and sixth, 80 minutes each.

The shootings themselves were held in the strictest secrecy. Each of the participants in the process was even given specially marked scripts in order to find out where the leak was from. Naturally, any photos were banned, so the paparazzi had to be content only with pictures from afar, which can not say anything concrete about the plot. A reporter for Entertainment Weekly magazine, who was invited to the site, said that he had to seal the camera on his phone, moreover, he himself saw the guns with which the crew members shot drones that appeared from time to time over the shooting sites.

It is known, however, that the shooting of the Battle for Winterfell took as long as 55 days (the bastards were shot in 25) – and this is only in kind, the actors worked in the studio for several more weeks.

And one of the series will be completely devoted to the battle at all (though it’s not completely clear what – it can be a battle for both Winterfell and Royal Harbor). It is only known that this will be the longest battle scene in the history of cinema, and will show it on behalf of several characters at once.

By the way, such directors as David Nutter worked on the 8th season (it was he who shot the series with Red Wedding) and Miguel Sapochnik (Battle of Bastards and Winter Winds). But the final episode was filmed by the authors of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

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Well, considering that we haven’t wait for any confirmed plums about the plot, we can only guess what we will see in the 8th season of the Game of Thrones.

What does the King of the Night want?

For all the intricacies of the plot of “The Game of Thrones”, secret conspiracies, betrayals and other manifestations of incest, we somehow missed an important point: why did the White walkers need to go through the Wall? According to the canon, the last “other” in Västerås was seen 8,000 years ago, which is why it took as many as 7 seasons to prove more or less everything that the threat from the north really exists and there is no war more important than this. But why the King of Night decided on his great march right now? Obviously, he has a plan and he sticks to it, and it would be great to ask him about it, but the King, unfortunately, is a laconic character.

Indeed, if you think: well, the Walkers will reach the Royal Harbor, they will turn everyone into their own kind, and then what? According to one theory, things are not so simple, and the King of Night has one big goal: to find an heir. But he, naturally, cannot leave his kingdom to an ordinary person, he needs a representative of “strong blood”. It is likely that under an ancient treaty between people and Walkers for these purposes, he used the Craster, who married his own daughters and gave his children to the Walkers. The fact is that according to one of the versions, Kraster was a descendant of Targaryens, and that is why the Walkers invasion was able to restrain. But the old man was gone, his last child disappeared with Sam Tarley and Gilly, and now the King of the Night is looking for him … But wait.

The fact is that one of Walker’s head’s abilities is to foresee the future, and just at the time of the passage of the living dead through the Wall a small but very important event happened on the ship sailing northward, John Snow and Dayenerys Targaryen came together in an extramarital bed. And as we know, John is not a bastard at all, but a nephew of the Mother of Dragons, a descendant of Targaryenov, a contender for the Throne and, most importantly, the owner of another “strong” blood – Starkov. Yes, Daenerys herself is sure that she cannot have children, but you know how it happens. The King of Night could well have foreseen this, and if you add up two and two, who would he like to see as his heir?

It is this theory that leads us to one of the ending variants of the series, but more on that later. By the way, the creators of the series promised that they would give the King of Night motivation and its origin a special place in the final season, and everything would fall into place.

How strong is Bran Stark? 

If we discard the complex schemes and reduce everything to a standard epic slaughter, then Bran will be the main actor of the season. From a helpless boy, he turned into a Three-Eyed Crow, endowed with remarkable, but not yet fully understood forces. Yes, we know that he can return to the deep past and even influence him, but how strong is his magic? Perhaps, we will immediately celebrate the games with time, because in this case the whole idea of ​​the “Game of Thrones” will turn into the so-called “dog’s dream”, when any plot move of the series can be divided into zero, because one powerful character can change it. This is clearly not in the spirit of Martin.

Do not forget that the alignment of forces was very different at that moment when the King of Night took control of Vizerion, the dragon Daenerys. Therefore, it is highly probable that we are waiting for you with a fantastic dragon fight, which can be won with the help of Bran, if he manages to move into Vizerion and thwart the Walkers’ plans. But can he do it?

And in general, it is unlikely that the case will be limited to just one eye roll.

Who will kill Cersei Lannister?

In the final of the 7th season, we learn that Cersei is pregnant. But, unlike Daenerys, she is unlikely to be able to overcome her curse, and this child will also not be born. Most likely, it will even more shake the psyche of the already too cruel queen, and the circle of those who want to kill her can significantly expand. However, we understand that it all comes down to two characters: Arieh Stark and Jaime Lannister.

Arya, as you remember, continues to delete the names from his “list of revenge”, the first place in which is just Cersei. We have no doubt about this girl’s composure for a long time, especially after she avenged the Red Wedding and killed the Little Finger without a shadow of a doubt. Well, Jaime, who is also in this “waiting list”, is now heading north himself, where he will surely meet Arya. What will happen next?

Suppose Arya agrees that Jaime came to help and decides that all means are good in a war. Moreover, according to all the rules of the ancient tragedy, it was Jaime who would have to plunge the dagger into the heart of his sister, the love of his life. But. There is a possibility that, although Arya will use the help of the enemy, she will not be able to forgive him. And after it is over, he will take Jaime’s face and will thus approach Cersei. Such is the “Mission: Impossible”.

Which of the Kligan brothers will win in a fight? 

Psa and Gory already had a confrontation in the finals of the 7th season, after which it became clear that a fight between the brothers is inevitable. The dog is not the first to die, Woe is not the first to be resurrected, and although the forces are unequal, the outcome of the battle is still not completely clear.

What role will Sansa Stark play in the coming war?

In general, we can say that Sansa’s basic personal suffering is over. She is no longer captive to the Lannisters, got rid of Ramsey Bolton, outwitted Littley and became one of the most undervalued characters in the whole series. But will she lay claim to the throne or will she confine her title to Lady Winterfell?

Can Tormund win the heart of Brienne Tart? 

We are worried about their relationship more than ours.

Who will take the Iron Throne?

Actually, the main question of the entire series, for which we all gathered. And now is the time to remember … Tirion Lannister. George Martin himself has repeatedly said that he considers him a reflection of himself in the book, so it is possible that he was destined to stand at the head of the Seven Kingdoms, but under what circumstances?

If everything develops exactly as we think, then the next plot twist can wait for us. Daenerys will not survive childbirth, and the King of Night will make his claim to the child (who, by the way, still needs to have time to be born, although we all know how carelessly the creators of the series relate to the unity of time and action if necessary). Snow, of course, will oppose, after which they will converge in a duel, no one will come out alive. Considering that all applicants for the throne will either die or simply abandon it for various reasons by that time, the only candidate for the vacancy will be just the child Daenerys and John. And Tyrion will become king regent until the baby grows up.

Maybe this is the ending that can be called “sweet and sour” (bittersweet), as the creators of the series told us? We learn very soon. Valar Morgulis!


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