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Titan Comics showed the cover of the comic book “Blade Runner 2019”

The first of 12 rooms will be released in July.

Titan Comics Publishing and Studio Alcon Entertainment showed covers on April 10 — replicant Leon Kowalski from a 1982 Ridley Scott painting was created on this day in the Blade Runner universe. All four artworks will be used for the first release.

The events of “Blade Runner 2019”, as the name implies, unfold in the same year as the actions of the original film, in which the main character was Rick Deckard.

The comic tells about Deckard’s colleague named Ash, who, while also running, is investigating the case of the disappearance of the wife and daughter of a billionaire allegedly kidnapped by a group of replicants.

The creators of the comic are Mike Johnson and co-author of the script “Blade Runner 2049” Michael Green.

Blade Runner 2019 will be just one of several episodes that Titan Comics will publish – the details of the rest are still unknown.

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