Kevin Faigy: X-Men are hard to implement at MCU because Marvel already has a five year plan

We’ll have to wait .

The upcoming fourth Avengers will close 11 years of the Marvel cinema universe and its third phase, and then a new era will begin in the MCU, into which the newly acquired X-Men will not enter immediately. And the head of the studio, Kevin Faigi, explained to io9 portal – why.

We are on the threshold of a five-year plan, on which we worked long before [the Disney and Fox deal] became a reality.

What is important for us now is not when [X-Men] return, but the pleasant feeling that they are home again. What are they with us. But before their [appearance on the screen] a very long time will pass.

Kevin Feigi Marvel Studios head

The agreement with Sony about Spider-Man showed how Marvel can quickly add a new hero to his schedule, but the situation with the X-Men in all their diversity is more complicated.

Moreover, in the coming years, the studio will put on lesser-known characters like Shan-Chi and the Eternals, of course, entwining them with acquaintances – like the same Black widow, who will soon receive her “solo”, as well as the sequels of “Black Panther” “Doctor Strange” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

[The universe will evolve] in two distinct ways. First: “How to continue telling unexpected and unique stories involving some characters that the audience already knows and loves and on which we already have a lot of plans and ideas?” And second: “How can we introduce new heroes, which even hardcore fans of comics barely know? “

Kevin Feigi Marvel Studios head

Anyway, journalists from io9 believe that Faigy is dim. At one time, the emergence of Spider-Man in “Confrontation” was a powerful marketing ploy, and the unexpected return of Wolverine or Professor Xavier could create a similar effect. What to say about some short Deadpool appearance.

In the meantime, Disney has yet to release the remaining pictures of the franchise – “Dark Phoenix” and “New Mutants”, whose premieres have already been transferred more than once, and decide what to do with “Gambit” and X-Force (Drew Goddard film, where Deadpool performs part of the team of heroes).

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