Huawei is ready to sell its 5G-modems only Apple

Huawei is proud of its Balong 5000 5G modem, but is not in a hurry to sell it to third-party companies. Moreover, even refused to potential buyers, but now changed her mind. An exception is made for only one company – Apple. Reports about this resource Engadget.

According to rumors, Apple has a difficult situation with the release of the future iPhone, which will have support for 5G. Now, Cupertine smartphones are equipped with Intel modems, and all would be fine, but the supplier may not have time to finish developing its 5G chip at the right time for Apple. Working in the networks of the fifth generation iPhone should submit in the autumn of next year.

Here Huawei can come to the aid of a competitor. However, Appleā€™s response to such generosity is unknown. In addition, the Cupertina corporation is developing its own modems for the iPhone, but they will not be ready until 2021.

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