12 public services that make life easier in russia

The number of government services available to Russians is constantly growing. Many services began to be provided electronically.

We collected 12 useful services for interaction with government agencies.

1. Government services

The largest public service in Russia

In this application, a wide range of services is available for Russians:

▪️ checking and paying fines 
▪️ controlling taxes 
▪️ checking debts with bailiffs 
▪️ registering a car 
▪️ registering for a passport 
▪️ registering for a doctor 
▪️ paying for housing

Website : go 
Application : download

2. FIU of Russia

Easy interaction with the Pension Fund of Russia

This service displays current information on changes in the pension system.

In addition, it indicates the SNILS number and information about the individual account, checks pension savings and calculates future pensions.

Website : go 
Application : download

3. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Call outfit, looking for the district

Even the Interior Ministry has a proprietary application. Through it, you can quickly call the police, find out the location of your district police officer, find the nearest police station, create an appeal and get the latest information about the news in your area.

Website : go 
Application : download

4. Moscow assistant

We are looking for violators on the roads

Tired of violators on the roads and the “masters” of parking on lawns? Okay, in this application you can complain about them.

For each recorded violation rely bonuses, which can then be spent on parking, travel, tickets to events and much more.

No matter what anyone says about “squealing”, but the service is really sensible. To inform on another, maybe even wrong, but you can not put your car anywhere. Order must be everywhere, gentlemen.

Website : go 
Application : download

5. My tax

Special application for self-employed

The application automatically generates checks for customers, and sales information is sent to the tax office. At the end of the month comes an extract with the amount of tax, which will be written off automatically with the user’s consent.

Website : go 
Application : download

6. Active citizen

We help to improve the city

Active Citizen displays relevant news of Moscow. Daily polls are held to improve the infrastructure of the city in which you are invited to participate.

Expressing your position, you get points that you can spend on:

▪️ parking 
fees ▪️ subway 
transportation ▪️ tickets to theaters and museums 
▪️ branded souvenirs with the symbols of the Active Citizen

The most active participants attend unique events. For example, go to the dress rehearsal for the Victory Parade.

Website : go 
Application : download

7. Our city

With City Hall on a short leash

In the application Our city Muscovites can create appeals to address pressing issues. For example, to complain about the pit on the road, attaching a photo and its location, or point to a broken traffic light.

The essence of the program is to bring to the mayor’s office one or another problem for its further solution.

However, on this portal the choice of problems is severely limited. If it is out of the template, then you simply can not place it. Moderators will spread their hands, saying that “they do not know how to help you.”

Website : go 
Application : download

8. My Moscow (

The most important application portal Moscow City Hall

The most important functions of the Moscow City Hall portal are concentrated here:

▪️ Sign up with a doctor or change the date of recording 
▪️ check and pay fines 
▪️ find out car history 
▪️ connect evacuation 
notices ▪️ get Moscow news 
▪️ see a map of the city with notes of playgrounds, pools and other urban infrastructure 
▪️ get advice on any public services 
▪️ find out the date of meter check, get bills for housing and utilities 
▪️ access to the student’s electronic diary

And much more.

Website : go 
Application : download

9. Labor inspection website

We defend our rights to the employer

Through this service, appeals to the labor inspectorate are created. If you believe that the employer does not behave in the way that the law suggests (for example, he is fined from a salary), simply create an appeal.

Usually appeals are reviewed within 2-3 days. The result is not long in coming.

Website : go 
Application : no

10. FSSP

Checking debts to bailiffs

Through the portal and the application you can find information about individuals and legal entities in the data bank of the enforcement proceedings.

In addition, the service allows you to directly contact the federal police officers, as well as subscribe to updates on record keeping. They come in the form of push notifications.

Website : go 
Application : download

11. iGrajdanin

We are changing the city on our own

This platform is a free independent tool for interacting with the authorities, which operates throughout Russia. With its help, users are in contact with city services, municipalities and supervisory agencies.

Just send an official complaint in electronic form, and then track the movement of your appeal through several instances. And get the answer.

Website : go 
Application : download

12. Angry citizen

We communicate with the authorities on “you”

With this service, users across Russia complain about various services. Whether it is the “eternal” queue in kindergarten, rudeness in hospitals, the refusal to accept a statement to the police, illegal dismissals at work and much more.

The service works not only with municipal and state services, but also with specific employers located on the site.

Website : go 
Application : no

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