Why some applications on the iPhone constantly require updates

 Yesterday I updated the application with a size of several GB, and today in the App Store the badge with the update of the same application is displayed again. Why? 

In iOS 11.3, a minor change appeared in the App Store. In the Updates section , the size of each update is now displayed. It is only necessary to disclose the complete list of changes and see the size below.

Modern games and some programs have a very large size, respectively, updates are also quite voluminous.

If you launch an update of such an application, the App Store will remove the badge from the icon. The update itself, because of its large size, is theoretically unable to load quickly.

When the screen of the smartphone goes out during the update, after some time the data transfer over Wi-Fi will turn off. The update will not be downloaded, and the system will abort the installation procedure. So after a while the App Store will again offer to download the update.

During the installation of large applications or bulk updates, it is better to use the smartphone in parallel so that it does not go into standby mode or turn off the automatic screen lock during the download ( Settings – Screen and brightness – Auto-lock ).

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