Who to support: giraffe detective and unhappy NPC

Interesting Kickstarter projects that can be funded.

Lord Winklebottom Investigates

Quest about the detective giraffe. In the story, he receives an invitation to a distant island from his acquaintance, the axolotl Gilfrey. However, upon arrival, the giraffe discovers that it is dead and takes on the investigation of the murder. To help the detective will be his longtime friend and comrade – a hippo named Reginald Frumpl.

In addition, the main character on the island will meet other animals: for example, the duck Ethelberta, the wife of the deceased axolotl, and the dove-detective Percy Calver.

The developer promises that Lord Winkerbottom Investigates will be a classic quest, which means that the player will have to solve puzzles, communicate with other characters and do pixel-hunting.

The release of the game is scheduled for April 2020. A free demo is currently available .

What you can get: a copy of the game, artbook, soundtrack, icon, bookmark, poster, t-shirt, a set of playing cards.

It remains to collect: 24.5 thousand dollars from 32.9 thousand in 19 days.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

A remake of the original Dungeon Defenders, released in 2011. This is a cooperative tower defense with RPG elements. The updated version is created on the Unreal Engine 4 engine and in addition to the old content will contain new bosses, equipment items and skills.

In addition, the interface will undergo changes. The developers promise that now players will be able to access the inventory at any time (previously this could be done only between matches), and the mini-map will become much more convenient. There will also be integration with Twitch – viewers on the broadcasts will be able to influence what is happening in the game.

Exit is scheduled for October 2019.

What you can get: a copy of the game, the soundtrack, artbook, T-shirt, poster.

It remains to collect: 121.5 thousand dollars from 250 thousand in 27 days.

Heroes ravage

The game, which the developers themselves call the ” NPC simulator .” The player assumes the role of a simple villager in a fantasy kingdom. When danger began to appear, heroes appeared in the world who were trying to stop the evil. According to the laws of the RPG genre, these heroes constantly visit peaceful settlements, where they break barrels in search of valuable loot and steal money from ordinary residents. To protect the accumulated NPC good and the player will.

Each game day is divided into three phases. In the morning, you can go to the market and chat with other NPCs, as well as create or buy the tools you need to protect your possessions from the heroes. During the day there is an attack. Here are set traps. In addition, you can simply hide your money, in the hope that the saviors of the world will not find it.

In the evening, after the invasion of heroes, the player again goes to the center of the village to assess the damage and communicate with other characters. They can be given advice on how to behave during future attacks. If the recommendations turn out to be valuable, the NPC will thank the player, if not, they will start to treat him with suspicion.

Each character will have their own abilities and their own set of equipment, so it will be necessary to prepare for their invasion in different ways. In addition, you can enlist the support of monsters or other villagers.

Exit Heroes Ravage is scheduled for September 2019.

What you can get: a copy of the game, the soundtrack, artbook.

It remains to collect: 18.6 thousand dollars from 22.6 thousand for 25 days.

Crossroads Inn

Simulator owner of a tavern in a fantasy world. The institution is located on the border of the three warring states, and the player will have to try to make his case flourish in difficult political and economic conditions.

In addition to the standard for a Taikun mechanic like hiring staff and improving the premises, you will need to monitor the guests. Notable persons of one of the kingdoms or revolutionaries can visit the tavern. Thus, the player is given an opportunity to influence the political situation.

Exit Crossroads Inn is scheduled for December 2019.

What you can get: a copy of the game, artbook, soundtrack, cookbook.

It remains to collect: 3.3 thousand dollars from 30 thousand in 7 days.

Who collected

We tell how things are going with the projects that we wrote about last time.

The authors of the dismal quest The Blind Prophet have successfully completed the fundraising campaign. They attracted 16.9 thousand dollars, while they asked for 11.4 thousand.

The required amount was collected and the developers of the simulator god Godhood. They asked for 57.2 thousand dollars, and attracted 71 thousand.

The campaign ended with the Evegate Platform Campaign . Its authors collected 33.8 thousand dollars – 8 thousand more than the required amount.


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