Operators and FSB oppose eSIM on iPhone

MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and the FSB spoke against the introduction of eSIM technology in Russia.

According to RBC, eSIM will hit the budget of operators strongly. After the launch of this technology, the need to open new salons of communication and sell physical SIM cards will disappear. At the same time, virtual operators will begin to put pressure on real ones.

Companies are most worried about the likely intensification of competition and the subsequent reduction in revenue, while they need to invest in the development of new technologies, as well as create an infrastructure under the “Spring Law”.

Even Apple and Google can take part in the struggle for subscribers. They will have the opportunity to sell smartphones in Russia already with communication contracts , which will lead to an “outflow of money abroad.”

In addition, eSIM makes it easy to change the operator at any time. Because of this, an even fiercer struggle for customers will begin. Operators will start price wars, offering more and more favorable conditions.

MegaFon added that the new technology will provoke an influx of hacker attacks, for example, with theft of the eSIM user profile and its cloning on other devices. The FSB, in turn, claims that devices with eSIM do not support Russian cryptographic algorithms. [ RBC ]

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