How two Chinese cheated Apple for 60 million rubles

Two intelligent Chinese students were able to deceive Apple for $ 900 thousand , handing over fake iPhones.

What happened

The US authorities sued Yangyang Zhou and Kuan Dzi, claiming that from April 2017 to March 2018, they sent 3069 fake iPhones to Cupertino to replace them with new devices. The company has replaced 1493 smartphones.

The pretext under which gadgets surrendered to Apple – the iPhone does not turn on .

Zhou recently received an engineering degree from the University of Oregon. He was responsible for the delivery of counterfeit goods to the United States and for sending these iPhones back to China.

Ji, who studied engineering at Community College Lynn Benton, sent fake smartphones to Apple either via online delivery or in person at the ASC.

When the gadgets were sold, buyers sent money to Ji’s mother, and then she transferred them to her son.

Devices scammers sent relatives and friends from China to different postal addresses. Next, the devices were brought to authorized service centers under fictional pseudonyms. For example, one of the students named himself as “Apache Helicopter”.

On average, the cost of a fake was $ 30 or 2 thousand rubles. These original iPhones were resold in the USA or China for $ 600 .

Photos from home dzi

In 2017, Apple began to deny the Chinese in the exchange of smartphones and warned them to stop this activity. The guys did not respond to the request of the Cupertins.

And in 2018, the US Customs Service opened a fraudulent scheme, when several fake smartphones arrived at the same address. Law enforcement agencies searched the house of Ji, where they found a batch of fake iPhones and Apple messages.

The Chinese themselves denied and denied any accusations, claiming that they did not knowthat smartphones were fake.

Now students are charged with the trade in fakes and fraud, as well as misinformation in the export declaration. Both are still at large, but one of them has GPS monitoring installed.

How could this happen

A huge amount of defective equipment is sent to Apple every day. Check all the devices in the company can not physically.

Most likely, the guys bribed the workers of the service centers so that they would not examine the fake devices and simply send them to Cupertino.

The main thing is that the devices have an original motherboard installed for superficial checking of the smartphone. Plus, similar to the original case, or a real case with a “donor smartphone”.

After the ASC, the iPhones are tested again, but on a selective basis. For this reason, the Chinese were able to exchange only half of the fakes.

Cupertino did not have time to quickly check the gadgets coming to them and did not require checks to confirm the purchase.

So the students had all the conditions for exchanging a fake iPhone for a new one. But any deception is sooner or later revealed. What Apple did. [ BT ]

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