Compilation of “plums” Borderlands 3

The leak occurred in December, but after the official trailers of information can be trusted.

Keep in mind that maybe not all is true, or not all the details and features will be in the release version of the game.

However, after the official trailers, almost everything from the list was confirmed.

Gameplay and classes:

  • 4 new vault searchers.
  • Abilities are recycled. Now each class has several active abilities, instead of one.
  • Flak – master animals. Looks like a “homeless” android. May summon multiple creatures in combat.
  • The girl in the helmet (in the GDC 2017 demo) was a soldier class. May summon furs (as in Titanfall). Other players in the party will also be able to climb into it and help in the battle.
  • The old man is Zane. His class is an assassin. According to the ENT game is rich. Uses gadgets as active abilities.
  • Siren – black girl. Fights in melee as Brik in the Borderlands. She will have several active abilities. Phase-lock, phase-shift (from previous Borderlands) and new – a certain ground pound.
  • Now the NPC will be able to revive you if you are in a dying state.
  • Weapon reworked. Now you can modify (including visually) the trunks, finding materials. It will be possible to change the type, firing speed, reload rate, recoil and element.
  • All familiar elements will return, except slag, laser and ice (perhaps not true, since there was something similar in the trailer). New elements will appear, for example, a certain “nuclear” one.

Synopsis and small plot details:

  • The action will take place 5 years after the events of BL2.
  • AI Jack may come back, but not as a villain.
  • Reese (Tales from the Borderlands) is now Atlas Corporation President. Atlas will return as a weapon manufacturer. Tina in the game is already an adult. There will be several repositories. A lot of characters from previous games (including Telltale’s game) will appear as a cameo.
  • The script looks more like BL1 than BL2 (whatever that means).
  • Villains – twins Calypso. The girl is a siren and a man who somehow has the ability of sirens. Either he found a way to get them, or because of the connection of the twins his sister can share them.
  • The Calypso Twins rule the cult of the Children of the Vault. They will have their own brand of weapons, and they will replace the manufacturer Bandit / Scav.
  • All familiar weapon makers will be back.
  • The game will start on Pandora, but soon the players will leave it on the space ship Sanctuary 3, which will be a hub between several planets.
  • Players will visit Prometheus (the planet of highly developed aliens).

Oh yeah, the concept art of the three main characters, which were also confirmed, flowed away. Only logo fake.


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