A short trailer and gameplay frame from Borderlands 3 leaked to the network

Rumors about the game continue to be confirmed.

The social pages of Gearbox Software failed again – Borderlands 3 advertisements appeared on the network again ahead of time.

This time, users managed to record a short video from the official Instagram account of the game, as well as take a screenshot of the ads on Youtube. You should not expect any big new details from them, but you can still notice a couple of small interesting details.

Firstly, the ability of the second player to climb onto the fur of Moze, the new playable vault seeker in the game universe, was finally demonstrated. The second player can fire from a stationary machine gun and thus help a comrade.

Flamethrowers on vehicles were also observed. Perhaps this same flamethrower Elon Musk, which Randy Pitchford so wanted to add to the game last year.

In addition, in the video you can see the ability of sirens Phaselock, it is also used by Maya in Borderlands 2. In Borderlands 3 Phaselock will use a new character-siren Amara.

The screenshot already has more interesting details. First of all, the interface catches the eye, it has not changed much since the second part – all the familiar elements in the same places, and the overall color palette is about the same.

But what is particularly interesting is the fact that another frame of Amara’s ability is shown on the frame, a hologram of some kind that can also cause damage.

This screenshot confirms the information that the heroes of Borderlands 3 will have several active skills. Judging by the interface, it will be possible to switch between them – pay attention to the “background” under the active skill, as if by pressing a button the ability to change to the next.

Officially, the gameplay of Borderlands 3 will be presented on May 1, and the game will be released on PS4, Xbox One and Epic Games Store on September 13.


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