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Tickets for the first sessions of the fourth “Avengers” are resold on eBay for thousands of dollars

And we are talking about regular sessions on April 25-26.

The unprecedented excitement around the start of the fourth Avengers quickly spawned a secondary market: movies in the US are now reselling tickets for early sessions for large sums. On eBay you can find dozens of offers.

For example, for two tickets to the earliest show in New York, they ask about 4,981.28 United States Dollar

Judging by the pictures, some particularly enterprising Americans bought dozens of tickets – especially for resale.

The author of one of the most expensive offers offers to take away 4 tickets from him for the starting day of hire for
19,864.00 United States Dollar .

In Russia, there are no such offers in services like Avito yet, but they may well appear: many nightly sessions in IMAX from April 28 to April 29 in Moscow and St. Petersburg are almost completely dismantled.

The start of ticket sales for the “Finals” in the USA has brought down the sites of many American film chains. It soon became clear that the picture broke an absolute record for the presales of the first day in just six hours.

Early tracking suggests that the picture goes on 200-250 million dollars for the first weekend in the United States. She has every chance to set an absolute record for this indicator. So far, he belongs to the “War of Infinity” with its 257 million dollars.


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