The head of Boeing participated in the flight test update for 737 MAX

Boeing CEO Dennis Muhlenburg participated in a test flight of a 737 MAX airliner, whose flights were suspended after two air crashes. The CEO of the corporation was on board the aircraft during testing of the updated software for the MCAS technology.

Test flight went according to plan. Boeing engineers continue to work on the implementation of improved MCAS system algorithms, which most likely caused the death of 737 MAX in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

This technology receives information from the angle of attack sensors: if the data approaches dangerous indicators and there is a risk of stalling, MCAS automatically rejects the stabilizer of the aircraft for a dive – then the nose of the liner drops, which increases speed and lift. According to preliminary information, on the dropped liners MCAS falsely triggered due to the incorrect operation of one of the sensors of angle of attack.

Boeing 737 MAX flights are suspended until the causes of aircraft crashes are ascertained.


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