Media: Huawei has made senseless struggle for better photo quality in low light

The journalist of The Verge Vlad Savov shared his opinion about the photos of the Huawei P30 Pro in low light. According to him, the quality of shooting Huawei P30 Pro is even better than the acclaimed feature of the Google Pixel 3 Night Sight (night vision), and raises the bar for phone photography to a new height. The owners of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy can feel betrayed: Huawei has turned shooting in the worst conditions into children’s fun, the author was impressed.

Night Sight mode – “algorithmic magic”, which allows you to get an excellent photo in the dark, if the phone is not shaken for about 6 seconds. Huawei had a similar night mode, but it was completely unnecessary: ​​the P30 Pro shoots in the dark better than the Google Night Sight without the need for a long exposure.

As an example, Vlad leads the shooting in the dark. As you can see, as a part of the detail, Huawei outperforms the competitor. Dark photography is the standard Pixel 3 shooting mode, the same photo will be taken by the iPhone.

The basic shooting mode of Pixel 3 and Huawei P30 Pro gives different results, and although the P30 Pro picture may suffer from noise reduction, the overall impression of the space is better.

The author notes that the P30 Pro does not win every comparison with the Google Pixel Night Sight mode: for example, when shooting on the street, the difference between them is small. And yet, Huawei shoots its frame in an instant, and Google Pixel requires 6 seconds of immobility.

The less light in the frame, the more confident the flagship Huawei feels. Where the naked eye can only distinguish between forms, the smartphone shoots as if in daylight. Thanks to the ToF-sensor, the speed of focusing can surprise even the owners of SLR cameras.

You can follow the author’s discoveries regarding the Huawei camera in thematic discussion in his Twitter account.


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