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Joe Rousseau on the fourth “Avengers”: “The slightest clue in the trailer about the plot could spoil the film”

The director stressed that viewers should avoid spoilers.

One of the directors of The Avengers: The Finals, Joe Rousseau, told in a recent interview how much spoilers can influence the sensations from viewing the picture. According to him, the details of the plot of the fourth “Avengers” are much more important and can greatly spoil the fun.

He strongly advised viewers to avoid spoilers and go to the Avengers: Final session on the first day of the shows. Joe Rousseau noted that modern media monetizes spoilers and “secrets” concerning Marvel films. He was probably referring to getting traffic through the publication of loud materials.

I think this film has even more spoilers than the previous one. […]

The slightest lead in the trailer can spoil the movie.

Joe Russoproducer

For his part, Rousseau will “protect” the plot from leaks by all means. The director once again remembered his trip to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in childhood. The film impressed him because he did not know what to expect. The same sensations he wants to evoke in the audience of “Avengers 4”.

“Avengers: Finals” go out in the Russian box office on April 29. Release in the United States will be held on April 26.


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