Author Fallout 76 sent a box of hairpins: “Weigh it”

The release of Fallout 76 last fall was a significant event for the gaming market and Bethesda. For many reasons. After the release, developers began to receive a huge amount of feedback and advice. But one player turned out to be extremely creative in his message: he sent a box with female hairpins to Todd Howard.

The fact is that one of the main problems of Fallout 76 at the start was precisely the weight limit, which the main character could bear without penalties. And the weight of every little thing in a pile of garbage accumulated in a character’s backpack was of great importance. It was almost impossible to carry a large number of master keys.

In the game, each of them weighed about 0.1 pounds (45 grams). And when a few dozen or even hundreds of master keys accumulated in the inventory, they turned into an unbearable burden.

“Whoever sent this box … It was the most creative letter I have ever received, ” said Todd Howard, but he didn’t explain if the box helped him in balancing the master keys.

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