The Nigerian caught fire lying on the table Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The owner of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Nigeria spoke about a potentially dangerous event that occurred with his smartphone. According to the Twitter user with the nickname House of Soares, the S7 Edge caught fire when it was just lying on the table – the device was not even connected to charging.

With a fire, a bucket of water helped to cope – the Nigerian threw the apparatus in there, and the flame went out. The case is already interested in the representation of Samsung in South Africa: the company contacted House of Soares to clarify the details of the incident and asked the user to send them a charred smartphone.

A few years ago, Samsung ran into problems with the flagship Galaxy Note 7. Due to unsuccessful layout, the device‚Äôs battery could have ignited. The situation reached a ban on the transportation of Note 7 on airplanes, the recall of all vehicles and the withdrawal of the model from production. The next generation Galaxy Note had no such problems.

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