Found a way to get rid of smartphone addiction

It is difficult to find a place in this world without a smartphone – you are “always in touch”, you can watch news and events in social networks. However, sometimes the passion for a mobile phone grows into a dependency, and without the usual glow of the screen, you feel uncomfortable and cut off from reality (although this is just the opposite).

As Computerwolrd reminds , modern mobile devices are considered to be guilty of all misfortunes: this decrease in productivity and level of education, IQ and memory, damaged relationships, changes in the physiology of the brain, depression and poor health. Moreover, people began to smile less at strangers.

According to previous studies, the average average user of a mobile phone touches him 2617 times a day, “crazy” – more than 5400 times a day. Over the past decade, the time that a person spends leaning on the screen has increased: from 0.3 hours in 2008 to 3.3 hours in 2017, there is a tendency to increase (if you restrain yourself, you can manage 288 books in a saved time in a year ).

Computerwolrd journalists believe that you can, of course, buy a regular mobile phone, but a more effective way would be to disable mobile data transfer in a smartphone. Then he will turn into a “stupid” dialer. Yes, it will not relieve the dependence, but maybe you will touch your device less often.

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