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“Alien” on stage: American schoolchildren played a play by the original horror Ridley Scott

High school students created from space debris detailed space suits of astronauts, the interiors of Nostromo and other locations, as well as a xenomorph suit.

March 19 at the school of the American city of North Bergen, New Jersey, the premiere of the play on the film “Alien”. On March 22, the production took place again, after which photos and videos of detailed costumes and decorations made by high school students were distributed on social networks.

One of the participants of the play in the suit of the Alien.

According to Justin Pearson – a student who worked on the soundtrack of the play – it took almost eight months to create the details and rehearsals , and the interiors and costumes were created from ordinary garbage.

The school play on Alien impressed both the residents of North Bergen and the users of social networks – including actor Elijah Wood (the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy). The guys have already been asked to play the play again, but acting teacher Perfecto Cuervo said that the high school students and the school paid the cost of the production themselves, but they did not have any more money for it.

Scene with assault of hypocrites.

Finale of the play on “Alien”, in which Ellen Ripley deals with xenomorphs.

“Alien” was released in 1979. In honor of the 40th anniversary of Fox allocated money for shooting six short films on the franchise, which will begin to publish on IGN from March 29.

On March 29, Fox will release six short films on “Alien”

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