Fraudsters launched fake Microsoft tech support and earned $ 3 million

A resident of one of the cities in North Carolina for four years engaged in a profitable business. He organized a scheme in which he presented himself and his employees as Microsoft technical support, earning a total of about $ 3 million. For this, 24-year-old Bishap Mittol registered the company with Capstone Technologies and, with an unknown second organizer, launched many websites advertising its services.

Young people acquired advertising on Google and Bing sites, and also bought it for placement in adware of various types. Links led to the sites of intruders, where unsuspecting users were greeted with pop-up windows informing that computers were infected with viruses.

The victims were asked to call technical support, redirecting them to a call center in New Delhi in India, writesZDNet. There, the “employees” of the TP acted according to a pre-planned scenario and “bred” users for various services, the cost of which ranged from $ 200 to $ 2.5 thousand.

Last year, Microsoft complained about scammers. Indian police conducted 26 raids in call centers, carried out 63 arrests.


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