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The author of the popular YouTube channel will be tried for torturing children

In the US, the Machell Hackney scandal, author of Fantastic Adventures YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of videos, is gaining momentum. The woman was arrested on suspicion of torturing seven adopted children who were heroes of the video.

According to police, the 48-year-old Hackney starved the children, sprayed the contents of a pepper spray on them, locked them in the basement and beat them with a belt. She also punished the guys if they forgot the lines and actions during the filming of new episodes. The woman was arrested on Friday along with her two sons, the judge forbade them to leave the detention center on bail. Only now it became known that it was about the author of Fantastic Adventures.

The channel began to lead in 2012, during which time the total number of views exceeded 250 million. Hackney recorded entertainment videos 10–15 minutes long in which the main characters were children. The administration of the service has already blocked the Fantastic Adventures channel for “violating the principles of the YouTube community”.

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