Apple upgraded AirPods wireless headphones and raised the price for them

Today, Apple has completely declassified updated AirPods headphones. You cannot call them completely new: the case received support for wireless charging, and Siri can be activated simply by voice.

Headphones should provide a faster and more stable connection: switching between active devices occurs up to two times faster, the signal delay when using AirPods in games is reduced by 30%.

You can charge the case through a wireless “pillow” of the Qi standard. On the front panel there is an indicator that shows the charging status. Lightning connector stayed in place.

While working while listening to music has not changed – five hours, but in talk mode AirPods will now withstand three hours.

It is worth the new $ 199. Also on sale is updated AirPods without the support of a wireless charging case ($ 159), and the case with Qi can be bought separately, without headphones, for $ 79.


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