Paradox intends to develop the Vampire franchise, but does not plan to start with the sequel to Bloodlines

Although the continuation of the cult RPG would be an “obvious choice” for the company.

In a conversation with the PCGamesN portal at the PDXCON conference, Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester (Fredrik Wester) said that the publisher had repeatedly discussed the future of the Vampire: The Masquerade franchise.

Apparently, employees of the company are working on ideas not only for her, but also other games in the universe of “World of Darkness”.

According to the CEO of Paradox, they are “experimenting with several brands from White Wolf,” the publisher of RPGs and books, acquired in 2015. However, to launch a large series of games, emphasizes Wester, they need to develop a plan for the next ten years.

The CEO noted that the sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, released in 2004, would be the “obvious choice” for the Vampire franchise game. But at the present time in Paradox they are not ready to undertake such a project, explaining that they do not yet have an appropriate development team.

The head of the publishing house added that the potential restart of Vampire will most likely begin with “some RPG” in the franchise. With the right approach, the universe will be developed in the coming years.

Most likely, the first game that we will release in the new series will be the worst in it.

Because the next one will certainly improve the ideas of the previous one.

Frederick Wester CEO Paradox Interactive

A year earlier, Wester declared that the sequel to the Bloodlines is quite possible, but “there is a time for everything.”


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